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Welcome to the Rodgers Forge UMC Children's Center.  Our center invites all children without regard for religious belief, gender, class, race or national origin.  We do not teach the doctrines of any one church denomination, but offer our children the opportunity to learn through stories and songs while including the special customs and holidays of other people.
Our program works to create a welcoming environment for families and their children.  Children are free to explore, to express themselves, to engage in discovering things that interest them, and to learn at a pace that is developmentally appropriate.  We view all activities and daily routines as opportunities for learning and the program is infused with both planned experiences and spontaneous educational explorations.  We recognize that childhood can be full of challenges, as well as joy, and believe that the most important aspects in dealing with challenges are strong relationships built on respect and love, collaboration, time and patience.

Whether you are a mom, dad or guardian, you want your child to have a loving, caring, wholesome environment in which to play and learn. We understand the need to provide quality child care at a reasonable price and are excited to offer this service to the community. We offer options for full-time or part-time child care, before and after school care, and public school closings, where space is available. 
The Staff
Our staff begin with a solid foundation and we build on that foundation by providing our staff with extensive and on-going training. The areas of focus include Child Development, Health and Safety, First Aid and CPR, Nutrition, Special Needs, Curriculum Development, Professionalism, Behavior Management and Community Outreach. This ongoing training earns them a credential level from the state and shows the dedication of each staff member.

Our staff is committed to:
• Building a comprehensive understanding of young children and their development
• Developing stimulating, challenging and educational environments for the children
• Becoming effective communicators and managers of their classrooms
• Competently completing the assessment, curriculum and observation cycle
• Developing caring and respectful relationships with children, parents and staff
• Continued growth in their knowledge and skills as professionals

Enthusiastic, experienced, cheerful and well-trained staff help make the Rodgers Forge UMC Children's Center your first choice for quality child care!